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The Creator of Pepe the Frog Talks About Making Comics in the Post-Meme World

July 28, 2015

Have you ever thought about collecting all the Boy’s Club comics in a single book?
I’ve thought about it. I dunno. The problem with books is I usually end up getting not that great of a deal. If the right situation came along I’d do it, but it’s really not even… I mean, I guess it would be worth it, to have it be easier for fans. But I kind of like it not being easy for people to get. I dunno, it’s kind of funny to see it on eBay for $400 or something. My lady thinks that Pepe’s a self-portrait, in a way—she says I have Pepe’s eyes—so it’s kind of neat to see something that’s so personal to me on some level infiltrate this weird nether-region of the internet. I’ve made my mark on the internet, so I can relax. I’m retired now, living off all the shares and likes.

Feels good man: I interviewed Matt Furie about his new Boy’s Club comic and the viral success of his character Pepe the Frog for my Vice debut.

Comics Time: Boy’s Club #4

December 24, 2010

Boy’s Club #4
Matt Furie, writer/artist
Pigeon Press, October 2010
40 pages
Hopefully buy it from Pigeon Press someday
Buy it from Secret Headquarters
Buy it from Atomic Books

The Top 10 Best Lines from Boy’s Club #4

10. “Nice assets”
9. “Can I have one?”
8. “Classic shit man”
7. “Another Sexy Bald Guy”/”I Love My Fuzzy Papi” [tie]
6. “Yer mom has a nice Countach”
5. “La Cucaracha”
4. “Ever tried pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich?”
3. “Lights out gentlemen”
2. “Hey, that’s my washcloth”
1. “Clooney nailed it!”

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!