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XOXO: A Gossip Girl Tribute

June 19, 2013

Go read XOXO, a collection of comics and art inspired by Gossip Girl, edited by Robin McConnell and featuring contributions by Maré Odomo, Brandon Graham, Warren Craghead, Jacob Ferguson, Benjamin Marra, Mike Myhre, Jen Vaughn, and myself & Dan White. It’s online in its entirety at Study Group.

Who He Is, and How He Came to Be: The Secret Origin of Chuck Bass

December 17, 2012

I wrote a comic about Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, which airs its final episode tonight, and Dan White drew it. You can read it here. We hope you enjoy it. xoxo


May 24, 2012

xoxo, a Gossip Girl zine
edited by Robin McConnell
cover by Maré Odomo
contributions by Warren Craghead, Sean T. Collins and Dan White, Benjamin Marra, Jacob Ferguson, Michael Deforge and Steve Rolston

Coming soon!