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May 16, 2013

Partners Gabe Fowler, Bill Kartalopoulos, and Dan Nadel have announced that they are discontinuing the annual Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. There won’t be another one.

BCGF was (god, it sucks to put it that way) the very best comics show I’ve ever been to. Hands down. Every year I went there was something interesting at every table. That’s unheard of — a freakishly high level of talent among the exhibitors. That speaks directly to the partners and curators’ pedigree and clarity of vision, which will be very difficult to replicate. It’s a huge loss for alternative comics.

All this on the very landmass I live on, a 40-minute drive away. I am so sad. Thanks Bill, Gabe, Dan. You did it.


November 9, 2012

I will not be at BCGF this weekend, but apparently an “Origin of Stoner Alien” minicomic I wrote will be, so keep your eyes peeled.

Aw, shoot

November 3, 2012

I can’t go to BCGF next weekend due to family obligations I’d totally forgotten about. If you are a person who plans to have books there that you would have wanted me to see, drop me a line and let me know how best to get ahold of them. If you are a person who just wanted to see me, maybe there’s some way we can get together earlier in the week?