Hello, it’s Sean

My name is Sean T. Collins.

I write about television, comics, music, film, the real world, horror, and other things for my blog Attentiondeficitdisorderly at seantcollins.com. This is my main site.

I write about television and other things for Rolling Stone.

I write about television and other things for Wired, too.

I write about music for BuzzFeed Music.

I review comics and interview cartoonists for The Comics Journal.

I write short comics of my own in collaboration with a variety of artists. I frequently post them to my comics tumblr, The True Black.

I write the science-fantasy action-adventure webcomic Destructor in collaboration with artist Matt Wiegle.

I write about George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire and its HBO adaptation Game of Thrones at All Leather Must Be Boiled.

I co-host the ASoIaF/GoT podcast The Boiled Leather Audio Hour with Stefan Sasse at boiledleather.com.

I co-wrote the official Annotated A Game of Thrones with Elio Garcia Jr. and Anne Groell for the Subtext iPad app.

I write about music and “coolness” at Cool Practice.

I post about police brutality/overreach/overkill in the United States at Badge.

I post images of David Bowie and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter at Bowie Loves Beyoncé.

I post images of defeated superheroes at Superheroes Lose.

I post images of good t-shirts at Fuck Yeah, T-Shirts.

I frequently work as a freelance writer for DC Comics.

Previously, I edited Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly and Wizard Magazine, and was a regular contributor to Robot 6.

I have contributed to Maxim, Marvel Comics, The Onion News Network, Giant, Stuff, Comic Book Resources, The Comics Reporter, ToyFare, The Savage Critics, and more.

My comics have been published by Marvel, Top Shelf, Study Group, Partyka, Family Style, and Youth in Decline.

I’ve written about pop culture professionally since 2001 and on my blog since 2002.

I live on Long Island.

You can email me or follow me on twitter.

This blog was designed by the great Jason Dean.


7 Responses to Hello, it’s Sean

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  2. jay cole says:

    hello my name is jay cole and i was wondering what was up with the aaliyah part in the hottest chick in the game?

  3. Lorraine says:

    Hi Sean

    Thanks for your thoughts on The Lands of Ice and Fire. Can you tell me, how big is the world map? I am making my own map in vector format and I want to include a lot more than what is on that map (castles, families & characters,sigils, etc.) and I want to be sure it’s at least as big as the one in the book. I would really appreciate it if you could send me the dimensions to the email address above.

  4. Thanks Sean for giving me recognition on my Game of Thrones photo! Did you see the other set photos that I took at Ballintoy Harbour?


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  7. Hi Sean – Thanks for another entertaining podcast (re: other fantasy books). I grew up on Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories. I can still recommend them. He inspired another fantasy writer I can recommend, Joe Abercrombie. Also, I recommend the Berserk anime/manga by Kentaro Miura. All these are gritty sword & sorcery (more sword)- type fantasy, though all three are way less politically-minded than GRRM (who you may have guessed also writes stuff I love). Happy reading. P.S.: Your “Billions” recaps are brilliant.

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