Meat Beat Manifesto – “Impossible Star”

It’s no slight against Impossible Star, the first album by electronica innovator Jack Dangers’ Meat Beat Manifesto in nearly a decade, to begin this review by outsourcing it to another critic: my six-year-old daughter. “My favorite part is that it doesn’t just sound like one thing,” she said after listening to the album on a lengthy car ride. “Some songs are creepy, some songs are funky. I like that.” Who could disagree? The delights of a good Meat Beat record—a magpie approach to collecting sounds, combined with a tasteful precision in arranging and deploying them—are apparent even to a child’s ears, and Impossible Star is a very good Meat Beat record indeed.

I reviewed Meat Beat Manifesto’s fine new album for Pitchfork. Such a delight to return to MBM’s sound after all these years, and such a pleasure to get to talk about them for p4k. (I was also pleased to be a part of my daughter’s critical debut.)

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  1. what the fuck man says:

    did you really fucking review an artist named Meat Beat and give them a 69?

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