A spoilery complaint about Twin Peaks discourse

this concerns the final episode. after the jump

David Lynch does not explain his work for a reason; he wants us to take away our own experiences with it, and I get that. So perhaps it’s wrong to say that any given interpretation of the show’s ambiguous ending is wrong, per se. That said, what a crock of horseshit that theory that it’s actually a happy ending and the final scene represents Laura trapping and destroying “Judy” with some sort of trans-dimensional pain bomb is. Ah yes, the hero doddering in baffled confusion, the heroine screaming in terror at the sound of her possessed mother’s voice, the hero staring in fear, the power going out in a scary house, and a cut to black — that famous cinematic language for “happy ending” we all love to know

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2 Responses to A spoilery complaint about Twin Peaks discourse

  1. Adam Feldman says:

    Thank you Sean!! It’s the strangest thing and I find it baffling that this has caught on. People entirely ignoring the emotional tone and really everything about what we actually saw onscreen.

  2. Lester Bangs says:

    Hey bud let me stop you right there.
    That theory suggests that the Fireman/Senorita Dido created Laura solely to serve as bait to attract and kill Judy and Cooper is complicit in orchestrating the completion of this suicide mission. It’s not a happy ending, instead it puts the guilt for Laura’s suffering on the character we’ve always assume would choose to operate solely in Laura best interests

    “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son”

    If understood properly, the theory ultimately lead to the understanding that Cooper helps kill Laura Palmer. IMO this is more depressing than Laura and Cooper merely being trapped together in an alternate reality

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