The Boiled Leather Audio Music

Boiled Leather Audio Hour Patreon subscriber scholt25 writes:
Sean, as a patreon subscriber to the Boiled Leather Audio Moment I was wondering if you could post a track listing to the songs you use in your intro/outro for the BLAM eps, some of them I recognize/know but others not so much and would like to know. You have a good taste in music, unless it’s Stefan picking tracks in which case he has good taste! Thanks Sean (or Stefan)
Sean here—Yes, it’s me! There’s almost always a link to purchase the song in the description of the episode in the patreon post, so that’s one way to figure it out. But sometimes I forget, and sometimes there are rights issues that prevent me from finding a decent link. So sure, why not? Here’s what we’ve used so far:
I was a radio DJ back in college and love making mixes so this has been a fun way to sneak that side of me into the podcast. I usually just pick something I’ve been listening to a lot the day I edit the episode, as long as it has a decent intro/outro that works for the format. Thanks for listening!

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