“Halt and Catch Fire” thoughts, Season One, Episode Five: “Adventure”

Moments of cooperation and admiration are vital in workplace dramas, no matter how contentious things get. Breaking Bad‘s spectacular middle seasons would have failed if Walt, Jesse, Gus, and Mike had always been at each other’s throats without ever establishing the well-oiled machine that made their empire hum. Mad Men wouldn’t work if Peggy and Pete didn’t genuinely respect Don’s talent, or if Don didn’t overcome his selfishness to support his protégés. People make animated GIF sets out of the moments Don and Peggy have held hands for a reason, you know?

I reviewed tonight’s Halt and Catch Fire for Rolling Stone.

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One Response to “Halt and Catch Fire” thoughts, Season One, Episode Five: “Adventure”

  1. Tim O'Neil says:

    One thing I’ve seen from more than one source is that the over-the-top dick-swinging interpersonal conflict that the show illustrates really isn’t much of an exaggeration of the real atmosphere within the tech industry at time – filled with a bunch of socially maladjusted suppressed alpha-males who either cut their teeth as shunned nerds or MBA assholes from Ivy League schools. A toxic brew if ever there was.

    So while I agree that it’ll get old if they keep playing the one note indefinitely, to begin with that’s apparently more true to the period than not.

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