Comics Time: Pim & Francie / Movie Time: Ghostbusters

I wrote about some new Pim & Francie pieces by Al Columbia for Vorpalizer.

I also wrote about Ghostbusters, the greatest New York City movie.

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One Response to Comics Time: Pim & Francie / Movie Time: Ghostbusters

  1. Cody McKee says:

    Great write-up for my honest-to-goodness favorite movie. The maid with her cart was always my dad’s favorite moment, but there are just too many to count in this film (although I am a bit partial to the whole “what are you supposed to be, some kind of a cosmonaut?” exchange in front of the hotel elevators, which I think also vocalizes that cultural mindset a bit). Every line delivery is perfect in my ears, the effects still hold up… just perfect, all the way through.

    I also find it interesting that the pseudoscience has its roots in Aykroyd’s own fascination with the paranormal (parapsychology in particular, apparently). The matter-of-fact way Ray and Egon discuss Dana’s case illustrates a grounding in something real (or “real,” such as using the “usual literature” to research Zuul: “Spates Catalog.” “Tobin’s Spirit Guide.” “Yeah.”)

    Like I said, favorite movie. I will see it at any repertory screening I can get to without thinking twice about how many times I have actually seen it. Thanks for discussing it, especially from the city angle; I always appreciate a new take on something I’m fond of.

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