“Downton Abbey” thoughts, Season Three, Episode Five

I reviewed tonight’s exceedingly sad episode of Downton Abbey over at Rolling Stone. Counterprogramming!

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One Response to “Downton Abbey” thoughts, Season Three, Episode Five

  1. jeffk says:

    It’s funny, we have such opposite reactions to this show and Homeland (of the Season 2 variety). I’ll watch Downton and roll my eyes and complain that nobody’s making decisions like normal human beings would (bearing in mind class restrictions and such), but Homeland seems to blunt my critical scalpel a little more. It’s probably more accurate to say that I notice the same flaws in Homeland that you do, but my brain doesn’t seem to care as much. Downton feels like I’m watching the part of a romantic comedy where a clumsily engineered misunderstanding threatens to destroy the stars’ relationship, but I’m watching ten variations of that misunderstanding for like six consecutive hours.

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