Let’s start with the bad news.

from Glory #31 by Joe Keatinge & Ross Campbell

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2 Responses to Let’s start with the bad news.

  1. Darren MacLennan says:

    I like how everybody’s having a nice quiet breakfast and meanwhile Glory is punching somebody’s lower jaw off. Perhaps to get more bacon?

  2. Considering some of the other “Extreme” titles are getting Rob Liefeld on them as writer AND artist, perhaps it is actually better for, “Glory,” to be ending soon instead of suffering the fate worse than death coming for, “Bloodstrike,” which started out decently with Tim Seeley as the writer but was dropped like a hot rock by me once I heard about Liefeld. “Youngbloods,” is going to suffer this too, but I heard that was pretty unremarkable. Just please, please, please, everyone beg God/Jesus/Mohammed/Whomever that, “Prophet,” is left alone to be awesome in the hands of Brandon Graham.

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