2 more good moments from Homeland‘s bad Season 2

I updated my Rolling Stone list of Homeland highlights to include a couple of strong scenes from the finale. There’s always good stuff in there!

I’d also like to promise everyone that no matter how vitriolic I sounded in my reviews, I ain’t even mad. The worst thing that happens when you watch a bad episode of TV is the feeling that “argh, I just watched a bad episode of TV.” Writing the review forces you to articulate the negativity, but that doesn’t mean I’m angry at the people who made it.

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4 Responses to 2 more good moments from Homeland‘s bad Season 2

  1. Davey Oil says:

    Why would you be angry at the people who made it?

    • Good question! But there are indeed critics whose primary mode of interaction with art appears to be fury. I hate them a whole lot more than I hate any art that isn’t flagrantly morally grotesque.

      • Davey Oil says:

        Hah. I get that, but did someone accuse you of such fury?

        PS, What the fuck is up with the last, long shot of Saul’s crooked, smiling face? I don’t even get it. The only interpretation I have is that poor Saul has finally lost it. Next season will be all about Carrie dropping soup off at HIS sister’s house. He’ll be ranting about Estes and Brody and smiling at Carrie.

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