“Homeland” thoughts, Season Two, Episode Seven: “The Clearing”

I reviewed tonight’s episode of Homeland for Rolling Stone. I’m probably a pretty tough sell on this show at this point.

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  1. Good work. I also didn’t care for a lot of the obvious-parallel scenes, except the one where Carrie gives Mike a slight ray of hope, which as you note, is also meant for herself. If Carrie and Brody somehow actually end up together, in her mind, well, it would only make her feel better if Jessica also got a happy ending. What I liked even better was the ambiguity of why Brody was so supportive of Dana wanting to go to the cops about the hit-and-run. Is it self-serving, because it would take him out of a campaign he doesn’t really want to be in? Is it that he wants Dana to have the life he no longer has, a life where you tell the truth and face the consequences? Both? That’s good stuff, there.

    I would like to think that the scene between Walden and his wife was meant as a parody of typical father-son dramas, the kind of gulf that can be solved by a game of catch before supper, but the broadness of the supermax warden and other dumb bits makes that hopeful theory suspect. Did Carrie just sneak onto Max’s compound? If she showed her badge, odds are someone would convey to Max that there was a second CIA agent on the grounds who met with Brody, which would raise questions.

    In Season 1, we could accept that Walden was just an asshole for yelling at Estes about this or that terror attack, but at this point he’s coming off as too soft. How aren’t heads rolling for Gettsburg?

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