“Homeland” thoughts, Season Two, Episode Six: “A Gettysburg Address”

I reviewed tonight’s episode of Homeland for Rolling Stone. No sir I didn’t like it.

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One Response to “Homeland” thoughts, Season Two, Episode Six: “A Gettysburg Address”

  1. Great job nailing what I thought was one of the worst episodes, though I have some other complaints, too:

    1. So Lauder and Mike are brought to the out-of-the-way tunnel where Walker was killed and immediately surmise that Walker would only be there if he was meeting someone he trusted? He was a Special Ops sniper who had been in hiding for years–isn’t “out-of-the-way” where he lives?

    2. How did Dana get to the hospital? How did Dana get to the RIGHT hospital? How did Dana find Jane Doe Hit-N-Run’s room?

    As usual, the quality of the filmmaking, acting and dialogue almost redeems the storyline, but as you’ve already pointed out, it’s a soap opera storyline that’s far less interesting than the great character stuff they started with Dana this season, trying to figure out and connect to a father who’s both more sensitive than and more dangerous than her mother, while having to be an actress like him, playing the role of the happy Republican VP candidate’s daughter.

    3. I’m all for character ambiguities and contradictions, but Mike telling Jess about Brody and then immediately trying to posit himself as a ready replacement was shitty. Maybe he’s a contrast to Brody in that at least Brody believes in something arguably greater than himself (though the Issa thing is itself self-serving), but Mike seems only to care about the Walker murder for how he can use it to get Brody out of the way.

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