For the record

If you haven’t already, please go do what I plan to do in a few minutes and vote against Mitt Romney and Republicanism by voting for Democrats and Barack Obama. Thanks.


4 Responses to For the record

  1. rev'd 76 says:

    A vote against the GOP is a vote for women’s rights.

  2. Having a good night then?

  3. Rev'd '76 says:


    Pretty okay, pretty okay. The gay rights shout-outs were a coup. The climate change mention was way overdue.

    Now if only Obama pushes to try, pardon and/or release everyone we got locked up in Gitmo, he jus’ might start to resemble the guy I believed I was voting for the first go-round.

    Election’s over! Back on your heads!

  4. Gitmo is a mess, but the next 4 years look a lot better for healthcare than under Romney.

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