Q&A: Robert Kirkman on “The Walking Dead” Season Three

Over at Rolling Stone, I interviewed creator Robert Kirkman about season three of The Walking Dead, about which I’ve heard good things. (Nevermind the byline — there was a mixup of Seans.) Kirkman has written a lot of comics I like, notably including the stretch of The Walking Dead upon which this season of the show was based, so this was a pleasure. I’m also glad I got the opportunity to slag the trade press’s treatment of Tony Moore following the settlement of his suit against Kirkman as well. (Seriously.)

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2 Responses to Q&A: Robert Kirkman on “The Walking Dead” Season Three

  1. Benjamin Fischer says:

    I thought it was pretty gutsy of you to mention that considering the context. Excellent work!

    • Thanks, though I wouldn’t go that far, honestly. Both he and Moore are legally prohibited from talking much about it, so I knew that whether I attacked it head-on or worked my way around it there wasn’t much he’d say even if he wanted to. I tried to say my piece and then give him an opportunity to address that however he wished.

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