“Homeland” thoughts index

Below are links to all my posts on Homeland, to be updated as the series progresses. I hope you enjoy them.

* Season One, Episode One
* Season One, Episodes 2-5
* Season One, Episodes 6-9
* Season One, Episodes 10-12
* Homeland is the new The Wire: thoughts on allegory and topicality in fiction
* Homeland Season Two Cheat Sheet
* Season Two, Episode One: “The Smile”
* Season Two, Episode Two: “Beirut Is Back
* Season Two, Episode Three: “State of Independence”
* Season Two, Episode Four: “New Car Smell”
* Season Two, Episode Five: “Q&A”
* Season Two, Episode Six: “A Gettysburg Address”
* Season Two, Episode Seven: “The Clearing”
* Season Two, Episode Eight: “I’ll Fly Away”
* Season Two, Episode Nine: “Two Hats”
* Season Two, Episode Ten: “Broken Hearts”
* Season Two, Episode Eleven: “The Motherfucker in the Turban” / “In Memoriam”
* Season Two, Episode Twelve: “The Choice”
* The 12 Best Moments from Homeland‘s Bad Season 2
* Season Three, Episode One: “Tin Man Is Down”
* Season Three, Episode Two: “Uh… Oo… Aw…”
* Season Three, Episode Three: “Tower of David”
* Seven Ways to Save Homeland
* Season Three, Episode Four: “Game On”
* Season Three, Episode Five: “The Yoga Play”
* Season Three, Episode Six: “Still Positive”
* Season Three, Episode Seven: “Gerontion”
* Season Three, Episode Eight: “a red wheelbarrow”
* Season Three, Episode Nine: “One Last Time”
* Season Three, Episode Ten: “Good Night”
* Season Three, Episode Eleven: “Big Man in Tehran”
* Season Three, Episode Twelve: “The Star”

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