Carnival of souls: Jack Kirby, Andrew White, Mad Men, more

* Here’s part three of the Comics Journal’s sumptuous Jack Kirby roundtable. Long live the King.

* Territory, the comic Andrew White made for Frank Santoro’s correspondence course, is very pretty and, like all of the products of that course I’ve seen so far, very Frank!

* Good Mad Men writing: I liked Maureen Ryan’s take on how far above Don Draper’s head the Beatles are, and Deborah Lipp’s forthright reaction to the show’s death imagery, and the Mindless Ones’ comprehensive look at last week’s episode. Jeez, this is a rich text.

* Glenn Greenwald predicts the future:

…six more months of ritualistic, chest-beating dances over the body of Osama bin Laden and the constant hailing by Democrats of the stalwart, pulsating courage of our Commander-in-Chief for having safely sat in the White House, surrounded by layers of security greater than that enjoyed by any of history‚Äôs emperors, and ordering that bullets be pummeled into the skull of an unarmed man and his corpse thereafter dumped into the ocean.

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  1. Andrew White says:

    I know of one person who took Frank’s course this spring and was able to retain his own style much better than myself or anyone else in the course, as far as I’ve seen. Not to be mysterious, but I don’t want to out him before he is ready — he’s someone you have probably heard of and whose work I have enjoyed for a while. I hope he finishes his comic and puts it online soon.

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