Watching the “Thrones”

The other boiled-leather boot drops: I’m doing a weekly series of Game of Thrones video review/recaps for MTV News! It’s a roundtable with host Josh Wigler and the intimidatingly dapper Lucas Siegel of, with weekly special-guest appearances by Elio & Linda from I’m quite pleased with how this first episode came out, given that it was indeed our first episode. I’m also quite proud of my t-shirt. Take a look!

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3 Responses to Watching the “Thrones”

  1. Michael says:

    You can’t watch it from Canada. Suggestions?

  2. Chris Ward says:

    Looking good! Even with all the sword noises and pun variations on the word “Imp,” which I can’t complain about too much cause I used to collect a paycheck for that sort of thing.

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