Shia LaBeouf, underground comic book artist

I interviewed Shia LaBeouf about his self-published alternative comics for Rolling Stone. There’s a gallery at the link as well. I liked Shia and I like his comics.

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3 Responses to Shia LaBeouf, underground comic book artist

  1. Davey Oil says:

    That’s a neat interview, Sean!
    Who’s he referring to in the end there, with the “Superman” bit?

    • I’m not sure, but he’s fallen out with quite a few people he’s worked with in the past due to comments he’s made in various interviews. Could be one of several people, unfortunately.

  2. Chris Ward says:

    Good questions. Are you allowed to publish the interview in its entirety elsewhere with Rolling Stone? I doubt it, but I wonder how that works. Also, who fucking knew! Those portraits are kind of awesome.

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