Carnival of souls: Special “not a special edition” edition

* Chris Mautner lists “The Six Most Criminally Ignored Books of 2011.” Shame on me for not having read Pure Pajamas yet, that’s for damn sure. (Noel Freibert’s Weird, too.)

* Fantagraphics is showing off covers for R. Crumb’s The Life and Death of Fritz the Cat and Jaime Hernandez’s God & Science: Return of the Ti-Girls. (I think my favorite thing about Jaime’s superhero team is how fans would no doubt debate how to properly pronounce their team name, a la Magneeto/Magnetto, Naymor/Nahmor, etc.)

* It wasn’t until I grabbed the jpg of Gabrielle Bell’s latest comic in order to drag it to my desktop and crop out a panel for posting here that I saw just how lovely the background colors look in relation to one another. See what I mean?

* Grant Morrison talks about Dr. Octagon.

* Ben Morse’s Big Two(ish) Best-Of continues.

* Finally, Monster Brains has unleashed the Furie with a beautiful Matt Furie gallery and a spiffy new Furie-designed logo.

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4 Responses to Carnival of souls: Special “not a special edition” edition

  1. Mike Baehr says:

    “Ti-Girls” is a play on “tigers” and pronounced accordlingly. (Also that’s the back cover.) We do hear a lot of “tee-girls” though.

    • I was mentally pronouncing it tee-girls myself until the tiger thing finally came up within the comic a while back. (And I know it’s the back cover but I wanted to be ELEGANT IN MY WRITING, Mike.)

  2. Was that a Windy City Heat reference?? “Unleash the fury”?

    • I may have gotten the exact wording wrong, but I was thinking of that tape that went around of a drunken, belligerent Yngwie Malmsteen cursing out a flight attendant.

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