Carnival of souls: Night Business #4, Lose #4, more

* Benjamin Marra’s Night Business #4 is on sale now! Wow, this is a big year for Ben.

* I take this Michael DeForge post to mean that Lose #4 is on its way. And here’s some illustrations and a strip, because it’s Michael DeForge and a couple of days have past since the last set of illustrations and comics he posted.

* Jason Leivian reviews the Mat Brinkman-designed board game Cave Evil. Good gravy.

* Dustin Harbin draws Osgiliath.

* Ben Morse is right: This is an incredible Survivor Series team.

* I love Big Boa.

* Is it just me or are con/signing photos of cartoonists getting better lately?

* Finally, a happier Occupy Wall Street story: behold the bat-signal of the 99%. I can’t be the only person who saw this and thought Turk-182!, right?

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6 Responses to Carnival of souls: Night Business #4, Lose #4, more

  1. Ben Morse says:

    If ever there was a post of mine I did not expect to get an STC link!

  2. C’mon, that’s a murderer’s row!

  3. Also, the surname “Steamboat”—that’s what, Japanese?

  4. Ben Morse says:

    He was billed as being from Hawaii. I believe he’s actually from either Minnesota or the Carolinas.

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