Carnival of souls: Strange Tales II cover, Game of Thrones pronunciation guide, more

* Hot cha, look at the cover for the Strange Tales II hardcover! Art by Kate Beaton, design by Paul Hornschemeier, very silly jacket copy by yours truly.

* Very useful: HBO’s official pronunciation guide for Game of Thrones. The “CAT-lin” thing blows my mind, but I’ve heard George R.R. Martin pronounce it that way, so it’s canon. Westeros notes that one difference between GRRM’s preferred pronunciations and the show’s is that they’ll be pronouncing the honorific “Ser” as “SAIR” rather than “SIR.” This makes sense to me, actually: In the books, the changed spelling was sufficient exotification, but viewers can’t hear a spelling change.

* Oh man, JEEZ, this Kate Beaton panel. JEEZ.

* Another fine, candid CBR interview with Marvel’s Tom Brevoort. This time he reveals that Nick Spencer is taking over Secret Avengers because Ed Brubaker wasn’t having a good time writing it, just for example. And whoa, those are some nice colors on that Thor #620 preview! Is that Pasqual Ferry doing his own colors? I forget. Anyway, you may disagree with some of what Brevoort says, but wouldn’t it be marvelous if all the major figures in the North American comics industry were this vocally opinionated and forthright?

* Real Life Horror, Actual Class Warfare Edition: Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is threatening to deploy the National Guard to help him take away the collective bargaining rights of state employees. (Via Atrios.)

* Bilbo and the dwarves!

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3 Responses to Carnival of souls: Strange Tales II cover, Game of Thrones pronunciation guide, more

  1. Jim D. says:

    How did I not know about Martin Freeman as Bilbo? FUCK YEAH

  2. Strange Tales II was just awesome, and that Hardcover makes stuff look even better.

  3. ADD says:

    Sorry to hear Brubaker wasn’t having fun on Secret Avengers — #5 blew me away with its old-school Marvel goodness. Wish every issue had been that awesome. Marvel needs to find another title for Bru and Lark to kick ass on.

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