Carnival of souls: Special “lots of real life stuff” edition

* Craig Thompson’s Habibi: September 20, 2011.

* DC takes a bold step into the ’00s by dropping the Comics Code.

* Michael May reviews Brecht Evens’s gorgeous Night Animals, which I think is even lovelier than The Wrong Place.

* Sorcerers Supreme Lose.

* As always, the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Award nominees in the comics category are a fucking joke.

* Not unrelated: I think that when this piece first circulated, I only read the autobiographical section, and I think I even linked to it as a must-read without ever realizing it was just one-quarter of a longer essay. But anyway, here’s Dirk Deppey’s excellent essay “The Mirror of Male-Love Love,” which is about equally dedicated to the history of adult-male/adult-male homosexuality around the world, Dirk’s personal development and coming-out as a gay man, the physical and psychological mechanics of bottoming and male orgasms generally, and taking down an approach to boys-love manga that doesn’t leave a lot of room for actual gay men or the sex drives of the women who love reading about them. It’s really long, but you’re making a big mistake if you tl;dr it — it’s a wonderfully engrossing read on all four topics it tackles. (Via Tim Hodler.)

* And now, Real Life:

* Absolutely fascinating Economist article on the medieval Battle of Towton during the War of the Roses in 1461. If you want to get a good mental picture of what battles in the world of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire would have been like, start here. (Via Westeros.)

* Massive, massive Mafia bust by the FBI; Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese, Bonanno, Colombo, DeCalvacante, and Patriarca family members rounded up in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The link above is for the Daily News; here’s NBC New York, and here’s . (Via TPM.)

* The Vatican directly discouraged Irish bishops from reporting systemic child rape by the Catholic Church. (Via John Cole.)

* Here’s an impressive/depressing list of roughly or explicitly right-wing domestic terror incidents over the past few years. (Via Emptywheel.)

* Khalid Shaikh Mohammed probably personally murdered Daniel Pearl. The odds that he’ll actually ever face this accusation in court are essentially nil.

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