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* I was actually kind of insulted by the Doctor whispering to Rick there at the end, so hackneyed and hamfisted an attempt to artificially generate mystery it was. “Fans are dying to know what Doctor Jenner whispered to Rick!” O RLY? Just such a crass and unimaginative way to hit people’s Lost buttons. Gimme a break.

* In addition to not working because it had nothing to do with the rest of the season, making getting past the Doctor the central conflict of the finale didn’t work because it basically created a supervillain character, and that doesn’t mesh at all with the emotional and metaphorical underpinnings of the zombie subgenre. I know, I know — the Governor — but the Governor is your basic post-apocalyptic warlord and as such springs from the rich soil of societal and moral breakdown inherent to the subgenre in a way that a mad scientist who gets HAL-9000 to lock everyone in his underground bunker complete with self-destruct mechanism and countdown clock just doesn’t.

* At this point I think Lori’s failure to tell anyone about Shane’s increasingly dangerous behavior strains credulity. I’ll go so far as to grant you that she still wouldn’t talk to Rick about it given the behavior’s origin — even though he’s supposed to be this super-kindhearted and level-headed awesome guy who would surely understand the situation if not be thrilled about it, and even though they’ve got some for god’s sake bigger fish to fry what with the zombie apocalypse and all. But couldn’t she confide in her friends Andrea and Abused Wife? Couldn’t she ask Dale or Glen or (sigh) T-Dawg to keep an eye out? Or even Daryl, who for all his faults I’m sure would enjoy white-knighting for Lori as an excuse to act macho and fight the power? I’m just not buying that she’s so racked by guilt at having had a loving relationship with a close family friend after the apparent death of her husband during an event that completely destroyed human society that she’d stay mum once the guy started trying to rape her.

* Curt Purcell really disliked the finale Best of all he’s now directly comparing it to the Battlestar Galactica remake, which he’s just now starting to watch — one of my favorite series of all time and a pretty solid apples-to-apples comparison. And now I get to look forward to his BSG reviews!

* Speaking of solid points of comparison, Sean P. Belcher’s review pits the show against True Blood, and the vampire campfest comes out on top.

True Blood, the closest thing to a ‘true’ horror television show currently on the air besides this one, gleefully Jumps The Shark at least once every fifteen minutes or so, but there it feels completely natural – that’s the kind of show it’s been since its first episode. In contrast, The Walking Dead takes itself far more seriously but somehow manages to come across more trivial than True Blood by virtue of how tentative and distracted it seems. Both shows veer wildly in tone from scene to scene, but the key difference is one does so by design and the other through clumsiness. To make matters worse, for fans of horror films, trudging through the swamp of clichés can be frustrating, particularly when they’re mixed in with derisory writing and nondescript direction.

True Blood is many things; boring isn’t one of them.

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  1. Simon says:

    I have to wonder; why bother to give your epidemiologist character a name as freighted as Ed Jenner if you’re just going to use him for exposition, then kill him off?

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