Comics Time: Boy’s Club #4

Boy’s Club #4
Matt Furie, writer/artist
Pigeon Press, October 2010
40 pages
Hopefully buy it from Pigeon Press someday
Buy it from Secret Headquarters
Buy it from Atomic Books

The Top 10 Best Lines from Boy’s Club #4

10. “Nice assets”
9. “Can I have one?”
8. “Classic shit man”
7. “Another Sexy Bald Guy”/”I Love My Fuzzy Papi” [tie]
6. “Yer mom has a nice Countach”
5. “La Cucaracha”
4. “Ever tried pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich?”
3. “Lights out gentlemen”
2. “Hey, that’s my washcloth”
1. “Clooney nailed it!”

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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One Response to Comics Time: Boy’s Club #4

  1. Boy’s club is arguably my favorite grammatically incorrect comic (it is multiple boys, so it should be boys’ club, with the apostrophe after the s, you see). I loved issue 1 and 2, am trying to find issue 3, and should buy issue 4. I would recommend others buy it. Also, you can get a little bit of Matt Furie in new issues of “The Believer” which has a comic section he does a strip for.

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