Carnival of souls: Four critics and a Gitmo

* Dirk Deppey’s farewell post at Journalista is big-hearted and gracious, and thus out of character for the irascible sonofagun. Aw, I kid — Dirk gave me my “big break” as a comics critic, as he did with many other denizens of the then-nascent comics blogosphere, by hiring me to write for The Comics Journal, an institution that, whatever its subsequent faults, he opened to manga and “mainstream” comics like never before. Even before that, his facilitation of conversation between distant blogs made him a pioneer in online comics discourse and thus a central figure in the last decade of comics criticism. If NeilAlien is the father of comics blogging, Dirk Deppey is the father of the comics blogosphere. Good luck, Dirk!

* If you can forgive Time’s absurd hit-whoring slideshow format, which is not the sort of thing that should be rewarded but is also not the fault of the fine critic and swell person Douglas Wolk in any way, then you can read his Ten Best Comics and Ten Best Graphic Novels of 2010.

* Tom Spurgeon interviews the fine young critic Matt Seneca. I say “young” not because age matters, but because seriously, here is a person who started blogging about comics after Afrodisiac came out. He’s a new breed.

* Real Life Horror: The Obama Administration unveils their kinder, gentler indefinite detention policy.

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