Carnival of souls: Destructor, Benjamin Marra, BCGF books, more

* A very big thanks to Comic Book Resources, The Beat, The Cool Kids Table, Vito Delsante, Dustin Harbin, Curt Purcell, and pretty much all of my friends to a man for linking to over the past 48 hours. Extra very special thanks to my colleague Matt Wiegle for doing the yeoman’s work of keeping it up and running during the vast majority of those 48 hours, despite my best efforts to the contrary. I really can’t begin to describe how I feel about this site’s existence. As you can tell from this drawing, Destructor is one of my oldest friends.

* Today on Robot 6: Benjamin Marra reveals The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd. I love Benjamin Marra almost as much as I hate Maureen Dowd, so this comic gets my full support.

* The book debuts at this weekend’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, which reminds me: Good Lord, there’s going to be a lot of amazing-looking books on sale at this weekend’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fesivalt. To wit:

* Johnny 23 by Charles Burns! (Hat tip: David Paggi.)

* New Character Parade by Johnny Ryan!

* S.M. by Michael DeForge!

* Barbra in the Sky with Neil Diamonds by Joshua W. Cotter!

* Heads, 44 by Mat Brinkman!

* Closed Caption Comics #9!

* and that is seriously just the tip of the iceberg.

* Gabrielle Bell is on some Where’s Waldo shit in this one.

* Jim Rugg notes some startling similarities between John Totleben’s Marvelman and Fletcher Hanks’s Stardust.(UPDATE: Although that’s a Barry Windsor Smith image right there.) The image below isn’t even the most striking of the set.

* Real Life Horror: My Representative, Peter King, wants WikiLeaks declared a terrorist organization. Note to Julian Assange: Start murdering children in Ireland and the U.K. — then Peter King will have your back!

* Finally, David Lynch sings!

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

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8 Responses to Carnival of souls: Destructor, Benjamin Marra, BCGF books, more

  1. Pat says:

    I came dangerously close today to spending way too much money on a round-trip plane ticket to NYC for Saturday. You are dead-on about Brooklyn.

    Add in Crickets #3? Jesus, it’s tempting.

  2. Crickets #3! Two Eyes of the Beautiful II! Studygroup12! Gabrielle Bell minis! My unborn child will not be going to college because of this show, basically.

  3. Zack Soto says:

    Yeah, I’m in a Gift of the Magi situation here because I basically had to hock my life to make it out to this show right now, and there’s going to be SO. MANY. TEMPTING. TREATS. there! All I know is that I told my girlfriend I wouldn’t buy anything, but I forgot to tell her I have to buy Crickets #3.
    and yes, sg12 will be there!

  4. Pat says:

    Isn’t the new Smoke Signal debuting there too?

  5. Zom says:

    That CCC cover has been my desktop for quite some time.

    Destructor linked

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