Carnival of souls

* The decision to include the (SPOILERY AS HELL) information that will apparently be featured in a DVD-only epilogue to Lost in, well, a DVD-only epilogue instead of in a scene in the series finale is super-freaking-bizarre to me, but whatever, I’ll still be happy to see it and that’s how the show’s going to be experienced for the rest of forever. (Via Jason Adams.)

* The six words you’ve been waiting to hear: Benjamin Marra’s “Lingerie Models, Secret Assassins.”


* Go, look: Anders Nilsen’s “This Is Not the World and How to See It: A Short Idiosyncratic History of Visual Culture in 10,000 Small Round Shiny Fragments.” It’s an installation made of 10,000 buttons containing fragments of everything from Botticelli to Jack Kirby.


* LOL: Jon Abrams’s Covered contribution may be the funniest yet.


* Pretty stuff from Blaise Larmee for the Giant Robot Post-It show.


* Tom Spurgeon notes that it would never have occurred to him that Al Columbia’s disclosure of mental illness in his Comics Comics interview might be a hoax. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if someone else hadn’t done so first, but the thought did cross my mind (though only briefly and with much less conviction than it did for Patrick Ford, apparently). I see that one or two people seem to think that thinking this might be the case is some kind of slam of or insult to Columbia, so I wanted to explain what was going on there, at least for me. I think for a lot of people reading that interview, it was literally the first glimpse into Al Columbia that you’ve gotten outside of his comics. It certainly was for me; I wasn’t around when Columbia was more of a fixture on the scene. So I for one had no idea whether he was more likely to be a puckish prankster fabulist in the Tony Millionaire mode than someone who really was repeatedly hospitalized for violent hallucinations. Wondering if the former was more likely than the latter wasn’t an insult to Columbia, as some of the people in that CC thread suggested. It was a way of choosing the interpretation that was more common in terms of outsized comics personalities, and the interpretation that pointed toward a much less horrifying and terrible situation for Columbia himself.

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  1. Charles R says:

    I can’t figure out if that Lost epilogue is only on the Complete Series box set or also on the 6th season set. If it’s not on the latter, that’s a real slap in the face to everyone who’s been buying the box sets all these years.

  2. I truly can’t imagine that being the case.

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