Lost thoughts roundup

Below are links to all my Lost posts. Enjoy!

Episode 5.1: Because You Left/Episode 5.2: The Lie
Episode 5.3: Jughead
Episode 5.4: The Little Prince
Episode 5.5: This Place Is Death
Episode 5.6: 316
Episode 5.7: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Episode 5.8: LaFleur [part one]
LaFleur [part two]
Episode 5.9: Namaste
Lost thoughts extra: “…and the rest”
Episode 5.10: He’s Our You
Lost thoughts extra: Ben time
Episode 5.11: Whatever Happened, Happened
Episode 5.12: Dead Is Dead
Episode 5.13: Some Like It Hoth
Episode 5.14: The Variable
Episode 5.15: Follow the Leader [part one]
Follow the Leader [part two]
Episode 5.16: The Incident
Flashback: The First Five Episodes
Episode 6.1-2: LA X [part one]
LA X [part two]
LA X [part three]
Episode 6.3: What Kate Does
Episode 6.4: The Substitute [part one]
The Subsitute [part two]
Episode 6.5: Lighthouse [part one]
Lighthouse [part two]
Episode 6.6: Sundown
Episode 6.7: Dr. Linus
Episode 6.8: Recon
Episode 6.9: Ab Aeterno
Episode 6.10: The Package
Episode 6.11: Happily Ever After
Episode 6.12: Everybody Loves Hugo
Episode 6.13: The Last Recruit
Episode 6.14: The Candidate
Episode 6.15: Across the Sea
Episode 6.16: What They Died For
Episode 6.17: The End [part one]
The End, bonus thoughts
The End, part two
The End, part three
The End, revisited

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2 Responses to Lost thoughts roundup

  1. Sweet! LOST REVIEWS!
    Nom nom nom nom nom!

  2. I liked the way you called it in your review of What They Died For: “I no longer think that the flashsideways characters will have to choose to sacrifice their happy lives in order to stop the Monster in the real reality. I think their happy lives are their reward for having stopped the Monster in the real reality. The flashsidewayses are the show’s happy ending.” Well done you.

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