My Top 25 of 2009

For real this time. As seen on Robot 6!


24. REYKJAVIK (Henrik Rehr, Fahrenheit)

23. PRISON PIT (Johnny Ryan, Fantagraphics)

22. RED RIDING HOOD REDUX (Nora Krug, Bries)

21. INVINCIBLE (Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, and Cory Walker, Image)

20. COLD HEAT & COLD HEAT SPECIAL (Frank Santoro, BJ et al, PictureBox)/SCOTT PILGRIM VOL. 5: SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE UNIVERSE (Bryan Lee O’Malley, Oni)

19. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN (Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca, Marvel)

18. FUNNY MISSHAPEN BODY (Jeffrey Brown, Hyperion)

17. THE SQUIRREL MACHINE (Hans Rickheit, Fantagraphics)

16. YOU ARE THERE (Jean-Claude Forest & Jacques Tardi, Fantagraphics)

15. BATMAN & ROBIN (Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely, DC)

14. TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE (Michael Kupperman, Fantagraphics)

13. GANGES (Kevin Huizenga, Coconino/Fantagraphics)

12. PLUTO: URASAWA X TEZUKA (Naoki Urasawa et al, Viz)

11. WEST COAST BLUES (Jacques Tardi & Jean-Patrick Manchette, Fantagraphics)

10. NIGHT BUSINESS & GANGSTA RAP POSSE (Benjamin Marra, American Tradition)

9. B.P.R.D. and related titles (Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Guy Davis et al, Dark Horse)

8. ASTERIOS POLYP (David Mazzucchelli, Pantheon)

7. MULTIFORCE (Mat Brinkman, PictureBox)

6. BOY’S CLUB (Matt Furie, Buenaventura)

5. BIG QUESTIONS (Anders Nilsen, Drawn & Quarterly)

4. FINAL CRISIS (Grant Morrison, Doug Mahnke et al, DC)

3. COCKBONE (Josh Simmons, self-published)

2. DRIVEN BY LEMONS (Joshua W. Cotter, AdHouse)

1. PIM & FRANCIE: THE GOLDEN BEAR DAYS (Al Columbia, Fantagraphics)

I did pretty good this year in terms of reading what I wanted to read, but there were still a bunch that slipped past me: GoGo Monster, Crossing the Empty Quarter, George Sprott, Footnotes in Gaza, Map of My Heart, What a Wonderful World, The Book of Genesis…Still, at some point you gotta fish or cut bait, and the CBR and Robot 6 best-of submission deadlines gave me an excuse to fish.

There were many many many great comics released during this final year of comics’ greatest decade. I think you’ll enjoy the ones above, which I enjoyed more than all the others. Woo!