Comics Time: How We Sleep


How We Sleep

Eleanor Davis, writer/artist

self-published, February 2006

16 pages

price unremembered

Maybe the Little House shop will have copies available when it reopens in June

Created as a Valentine’s Day gift for her cartoonist husband Drew Weing, Eleanor Davis’s How We Sleep consists simply of 7 drawings of the two of them, and sometimes their cats, asleep in bed. It’s a remarkably sexy comic, and sweet too, succeeding because of the way those two qualities intertwine. Davis’s finely observed drawings of her and Weing’s undressed bodies convey intimacy about as well as you could hope for in illustrations, with their unidealized figures suggesting great mutual affection, attraction, and vulnerability. Their cats and their kind of goofy underwear remind us that these are just folks, albeit folks in love. This must have made a heckuva Valentine’s Day present.

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