* I understand why they couldn’t call Will Smith’s revisionist superhero movie Tonight He Comes as originally planned, but is Hancock really that much of an improvement?

* Poe Ghostal interviews my friends at ToyFare magazine: Editor Zach Oat, Managing Editor Adam Tracey, Senior Editor Justin Aclin, and Designer Jairo Leon. Justin’s interview touches on some issues I’ve talked about regarding the thrilling craziness of concepts like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, so definitely give it a read.

* honcho Ken Bromberg posts on the role of expertise in Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves.

* Douglas Wolk presents a brief album-by-album guide to the complete recordings of Led Zeppelin.

* Premiere’s Glenn Kenny has one of the more likeable Top 25 Movies of the Year lists I’ve seen thus far.

* Tom Spurgeon interviews Tom Devlin, formerly of my all-time favorite publisher Highwater and currently of the also very good publisher Drawn & Quarterly.

* Finally, the 10 Best Horror Movie Topless Scenes, according to Unibrow. Eh.