The Blogslinger: Blogging The Dark Tower, October 2007–Day 30

Read: Wolves of the Calla–The Final Argument

Another book, another infodump of stuff that had never been revealed in the actual story. The magical crystal balls are called Bends o’ the Rainbow. The guy who accidentally ran Jake over when he was pushed into the street by Jack Mort, who’s now called “Walter’s representative on the New York level of the Dark Tower,” was mafia don Enrico Balazar. The Turtle’s name is Maturin. Roland is the last seppe-sai (“death-seller”). Books Two, Three, and Four are subtitled “Renewal,” “Redemption,” and “Regard” to match Book One’s “Resumption” and this volume’s “Resistance.”

And yet King still can’t bring himself to make it clear that Walter is the same person as Marten Broadcloack/Richard Fannin/Randall Flagg/John Farson/The Good Man/The Walkin Dude, just in disguise. At the beginning of the Argument he even appears to use the names “Walter” and “Marten” interchangeably, with no explanation as to who this “Marten” character might be.

Also, the letter R is not the 19th letter of the alphabet. Come on, man.

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