My family’s always been in meat.

I became a vegetarian two years ago, and I’m married to a vegan recovering anorexic who initially became a vegetarian because of upsetting scenes in the horror movies Wolf and Jurassic Park. Naturally, I’ve picked up on the relationship between horror and carnivorousness. (You might have noticed this in my “state of the beast” posts, among others.)

A pair of noteworthy posts elsewhere make this case. First up is David Carter of Not Coming to a Theater Near You on PeTA’s Chew on This: 30 Reasons to Go Vegetarian, which views the animal rights organization’s bloody documentary on the treatment of animals by the meat industry through a horror lens.

Meanwhile, Lindy Loo of Yeah, That “Vegan” Shit (and, not coincidentally, horror blog Come Play with Us, Danny…) examines the anti-meat implications of arguably the meat-movie (rimshot!) masterpieces, The Texas Chain Saw Massacare and Hostel–and Motel Hell for good measure.