Wolf Creek

In other news, I didn’t tell you that I saw Wolf Creek a few weeks back. It was good. Intense, at least in part because of all the baggage I took into it. The “torture porn” label is honestly the best thing to happen to a lot of these movies, because the dread you feel when you start to watching them is 50% due to that label alone. I forget who it was who pointed out that that’s the genius of the title The Texas Chain Saw Massacre–it does half the work for the filmmakers right there. But that of course is also a brilliant movie. This isn’t on that level I don’t think, but it’s rough. Parts of this reminded me of Michael Haneke’s Funny Games, though the setting, protagonists, and antagonists are all very different. Haneke, I’ve learned through Jason Adams, is remaking that movie in English. I think he’s a little too late to catch the torture porn wave, which crested and crashed, but oh well.

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  1. Jim Treacher says:

    There are really only two acts of violence in the whole flick. They’re really awful acts of violence, but all the rest is offscreen and in the acting. His threats and cat-and-mouse games. One of the most menacing villains ever.

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